Overview of the Practice of Worship

In worship, we engage ourselves in connecting with God wholeheartedly. We express God’s goodness and greatness either alone or in community, through words, songs, art, symbols, etc. Worship is seeing God as worthy — ascribing great worth to Him. In worship we both praise God for who He is and thank Him for what He has done.

What Scripture says

Incorporate this practice into your life

Experience God’s creation and worship Him for it. Take a nature walk. Or, buy a single flower, and enjoy it until it starts to fade. At that point, take it apart petal by petal and think about how God created it. Sketch the flower, take a picture, or just remember the moment and thank God for his creation. Or, look at the stars before you go to bed tonight (or view the sunset if city lights prevent the stars from being plentiful). Worship God quietly as you ponder how big He is in creating the universe.

Participate in a time of corporate worship at your church.

Listening to worship music can be an easy and enjoyable way to incorporate the spiritual practice of worship into your every day life. Pick out a worship CD or two and leave them in your car, or load your iPod with some songs you like.

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