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  1. Mark Daniels says:

    Dear pastor Burke,

    I saw you re: your book on the afterlife on doc tonight. I was called to write. My experience was a dream but perhaps I’d had a near death at that time I don’t know. But I entered into the light and a man’s voice asked me why I was there. The first thing I noticed was there were no shadows. The light permeated EVERYTHING. I told the voice which I knew was God and told him I wanted to know how the whole thing went together. He laughed and told me sure and say me down at a huge screen. I learned that it was all about light waves and particles and that EVERYTHING was connected. Literally. While he allowed me this after he did say it wasn’t my place to know he also said I wouldn’t remember the specifics anyway.

    In the end I didn’t want to leave this place. But I was told it wasn’t my time and not to worry I’d be back. Upon my protest to stay I was immediately removed but again reminded that when it was time I would be welcomed back for good. The light then faced and was gone.

    I woke up and for the briefest moment I remembered it all. I was blown away by it and like he said in moments the understanding in the entirety faded. I do NOT believe this was a dream. A dream memory doesn’t last over 25 years.

    The dream had more detail but this is the gist of it as I recount it for space. Thank you. You are telling the truth. Look up Michael Newton PhD and you will get even more of a conviction of how right you are.

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