Overview of the Practice of Solitude

Solitude is being alone, but not being lonely. Solitude is being alone, but doing it with God. Solitude is quieting ourselves so we can listen to God better.

What Scripture says

Incorporate this practice into your life

Solitude and journaling often go together. So, be sure to check out the spiritual practice of journaling.

Set aside a time or a place where you can specifically seek out solitude. Turn off the TV, cell phone, radio, and “you’ve got mail” sound effects from your email. Spend that time with God, listening for His voice and responding to Him.

How does this practice relate to what I’m facing?

  • Solitude at work: Making time
    • Incorporating this practice into your life regularly may take some planning. To have solitude wherever you’re at, maybe you can pack a bag with a Bible, your mp3 player and earphones. Set up a playlist of quiet music that doesn’t interrupt your thoughts, and use it to drown out the noise around you. Choose a regular time every week (lunch on Tuesday, afternoon break on Wednesday, your morning commute) to deliberately get away from the stresses at work and seek solitude. Maybe you’ll walk around the parking lot. Maybe you’ll turn off the morning DJs and drive to work in peace. Maybe you’ll grab lunch to go and sit outside and enjoy some quiet as you eat. Think of something that will stretch your schedule a bit, but still be realistic, and set out to do it consistently with God’s help.
  • Solitude with a busy family: It can happen
    • Parents frequently find it hard to have any solitude! If you’re a stay-at-home parent, it’s tough to find even a few moments during the day when it’s quiet, and even harder to find quiet moments when there aren’t a million other things calling for your attention. Working parents also find it hard, you get home and want to spend every chance you can with your kids (in addition to doing all those necessary chores). To incorporate some solitude in your life might take some serious rearranging in your schedule. Try it – how can you arrange for time of quiet and separation despite your obligation to your kids? Can you get up a bit earlier, can you grab a moment during naptime? Ask God for help finding a way to incorporate this practice alone – or ask Him to guide you into a creative way that involves your kids, too.

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