Overview of the Practice of Prayer

Prayer is probably one of the first spiritual practices people engage in. And, it’s one that we are to engage in regularly! Prayer, in it’s simplest state, is communicating with God.

Incorporate this practice into your life

Some people benefit from a method of organizing their prayers. The acronym ACTS may help in that case. A is for Adoration — Worshipping God as you pray. C is for Confession — talking to God about what’s really inside you. T is Thanksgiving — giving Thanks to God for what He’s done. Finally, S is for Supplication — a big word that basically means coming to God with our requests or needs. There are many other ways to think about prayer, but this one may help you focus more on your prayers.

If your church has a prayer team, join them and pray with and for others.

How does this practice relate to what I’m facing?

Prayer At all Times: Prayer is a spiritual practice that really does apply to whatever situation you’re facing. Make it a regular part of our routine, to check in with God at all times and talk to Him about what’s happening in your life at that moment. Keep up a dialog with God about how He’d have you respond to a situation.

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