Overview of the Practice of Fasting

The spiritual practice of fasting is one you might incorporate into your life on a regular basis or at particular times. You might fast from particular foods, or even particular activities. In Scripture, fasting refers to abstaining from food for spiritual purposes. Unlike a hunger strike, where you want people to see what you’re doing and make a change or dieting, which is for physical reasons, fasting is a personal practice centered on spiritual purposes.

What Scripture says

Incorporate this practice into your life

Fasting from food can be an “absolute fast” or a “partial fast.” Absolute fast – abstaining from both food and water – probably isn’t the place to start. In Scripture, this type of fasting happens in emergencies or as desperate measures, and it isn’t something to enter into lightly – as the body can’t survive more than a few days without water. A partial fast, on the other hand, restricts the diet but doesn’t entirely stop it You might abstain from all food, but continue to drink water or fruit juice. Or, you might keep up a very simple diet, abstaining from delicacies, alcohol, treats, etc. You could also apply the principles of fasting to abstaining from watching TV or doing some other activity.

The duration and frequency of fasting also varies. You might fast regularly – for a day each week or a day each month. There aren’t any Biblical commandments that require regular fasting – we all have freedom and opportunity to engage in fasting as God calls us.

However you go about fasting, the purpose is focusing on God. Fasting reveals what controls us, and helps us uncover our real selves before God. Fasting reminds us of how God provides and sustains us. In that sense, when we fast we aren’t as much going without food as seeking nourishment from the word of God. Fasting also helps us put things in perspective.

In your first fast, begin with a partial fast of 24 hours (this means skipping two meals – if you wake up and go without breakfast, lunch, and dinner before having breakfast the next day, you are fasting about 36 hours, which is often too much for beginners). Make this a partial fast – keep drinking water and fruit juice. As you fast, monitor your inner attitude – you keep going with your daily routine, but inside see how you’re filled with the things of God. After trying a 24-hour partial fast once a week for several weeks, try a day where you only drink water and not juice. This may be harder, but remind your stomach that you’re the master! As you continue to participate in the spiritual practice of fasting, seek God about what he’d have you do for a longer or different fast.

Whatever form of fasting you choose, keep Jesus’ instruction about not calling attention to it. Only tell those you have to tell – this helps keep focus off you. Remember, this spiritual practice should serve to help you stay connected to God, not serve to impress others.

How does this practice relate to what I’m facing?

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  • Fasting when making a decision: Ezra 8:21,23
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  1. Cbr says:

    Bless you, Teeshet. I pray that you have a fresh encounter with God durnig your fast. I’m glad that you’re thinking about continuing the fast all year, and will indeed pray for your strength. This has been something I’ve wondered for a while whether we are missing out on a special blessing because we don’t do this regularly. I feel as if God is asking me to try Him in this, and am hoping that people will join me.In the coming weeks I will share stories of people who radically shook the world for God people who lived a life that involved fasting on a regular basis. I pray that God will meet you in the area that you are seeking Him, and that He will refresh and renew you as you make this sacrifice for Him.

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