Overview of the Practice of Accountability

The spiritual practice of Accountability is being “answerable” to someone else who can help you stay on target. It isn’t having someone randomly poking into your private affairs, but having someone to intentionally help you stay focused in your spiritual goals and endeavors. And, it isn’t having “big brother” looking over your shoulder to see if you’re being a good little boy or girl. It’s knowing that there’s someone out there who cares about your spiritual growth and wants to help you stay connected to Christ. No matter what other spiritual practices are part of your life, you could benefit from someone holding you accountable to keep them going (or add new ones!).

What Scripture says

Incorporate this practice into your life

Accountability often happens best between two or more people who are really transparent with each other and who really care about each other. That’s the traditional way accountability relationships happen — a phone call or a face-to-face meeting to talk about general areas, or perhaps to check in on one specific area of temptation. Spiritual Running Partners are an example of an accountability relationship (though Running Partners are also so much more).

Recently, software tools, online forums, and interactive websites have made that sort of authentic accountability available more readily and more specifically. Sites like those listed here offer things like daily email reminders, internet filtering, and online accountability partners.

At the core, though, accountability is all about having some person you can be real with, who is committed to keeping you honest, on-track, and focused, and who’s also committed to praying for you, encouraging you, and even speaking hard words (in love) when needed.

A Running Partner is much more than just someone who keeps you accountable — they are also someone who encourages you, prays for you, and supports you as you grow spiritually. Learn more about Spiritual Running Partners.

How does this practice relate to what I’m facing?

  • Accountability about Spiritual Disciplines: Running Partners
    • As you’re starting to incorporate a new spiritual practice into your life, it may be helpful to ask someone else to hold you accountable to keep it up. Talk to your Spiritual Running Partner or another trusted friend and give them permission to ask “hey, how’s it going with…?” (you might set up a regular meeting or phone call every week) And, give yourself permission to answer honestly, whether it’s going we’ or not!
    • Learn more about Spiritual Running Partners.
  • Accountability for Pornography or Lust:
    • XXXchurch (or x3church — just in case you have a block on websites with xxx in the title) is a tool for education, accountability, and recovery concerning pornography. There are resources for men & women, teens & adults, offering software-based accountability, discussion forums, and other tools to help people combat pornography addictions. (includes helps for parents, too)
    • Access resource:
  • Accountability about habits and attitudes: Running Partners
    • As you’re seeking to maintain honesty or integrity, or seeking to break bad habits, a Running Partner can be a vital way of keeping you accountable. Talk to your Running Partner and incorporate authentic conversations about these areas into your discussion.
    • Learn more about Spiritual Running Partners.
  • Accountability for Addictions: Setting Captives Free
    • Resources and accountability tools relating to sexual purity, food issues, gambling, and substance abuse. Includes some resources for teens & children, too.
    • Access resource:

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  1. Ahmed says:

    Yep, I feel the same way. I haven’t put out any specific prorefmance goals other than that I want to lose weight. Every Friday I’m posting my encounter with the scale that mornng, and knowing that provides some extra incentive to stick with the program. Unfortunately, it didn’t work too well tonight because I gave in and attacked some leftover Easter candy and a tin of butter cookies. It’s probably my worst transgression in months, and now I can almost feel the insulin working hard to store some fat. But one week is a glitch it takes two to make a trend. Ain’t gonna happen!

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