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Tools for Churches

The heart of Soul Revolution is about learning to live a radically responsive life with God moment by moment in community with others, so that He leads us in a way that brings His kingdom life to us and the world around us.

Imagine if people did the one thing Jesus said was actually necessary – abiding in him.

Imagine smaller communities going deeper in relationship and following God moment-by-moment more than they ever have.

Imagine your church community impacting not just those who attend on Sunday, but also their neighbors who are unchurched and far from God.

We have found that the best way to see lasting impact from Soul Revolution is to combine a Sunday-morning message series with an emphasis on individuals doing the 60-60 Experiment and connecting with a Small Group or Running Partner. You can use these tools to help your church experience Soul Revolution.

Sunday Message Series:

  • Teach about the Biblical principles in Soul Revolution, to coach and encourage your people through the 60-60 Experiment.

Soul Revolution Book:

  • Encourage every person in your congregation to read Soul Revolution for daily training and guidance in the 60-60 Experiment.

Small Group Curriculum:

File Downloads: